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Market steals credits when buying Greater Lens BluePrints



Market steals credits when buying Greater Lens BluePrints

Went to the Market to buy Greater Lens BluePrints, bought about 3 of them at 200,000 credits each.

The game took the credits.

When I look in the inventory and the foundry, there was no BluePrints.

Therefore, the Market STEALS credits.....

And to STEAL on Xmas....

I would like a credit refund on will greater lens purchases made via the Market...

Thanks In Advance.....



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It removed/took credit and did not issue item. 

It seems not to be a even exchange... 

Could call it a bait (the item purchased) and switch (not issuing the item)....

The "Thanks in advance", was to convey -thank you for reading this poorly typed post [ hope no one takes this personally ]-

We could discuss the following:
                                  why root cause of the glitch and why/how it happened
                                  what in the code would allow the glitch to occur, did it throw a error
                                  is this the only set of items in the market affected by the glitch, is there other items affected by the glitch
                                  how much credit has been spent on this glitch in the last year
                                  how many players have been affected by the glitch
                                  if it is a known glitch - why is it still in the market?

As for me making an ass of myself.....

                                                               sorry if the post read that way....

                                                                                                                                but we can agree that we all have asses and they all stink (from time to time) ... 

no hard feelings... hope all is well on your end of the this 



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