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MODS invalid help!!!



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Are you saying that your weapon damage and Warframe abilities are doing lower damage than they should be, for the mods you have installed?

If that is what you’re referring to, please check your gear wheel, and remove any Dragon Keys that you may have equipped. If you recently ran any Derelict vault missions, potentially with one or more keys active, those keys may still be in effect. If you equipped multiple keys, but used one in a mission, the game does not always show all of the equipped keys in the gear wheel afterwards. You can re-equip each key, and then un-equip them again, to clear the effects. 

Before adding to the Support ticket load, it is always best to do a thorough check on your side first. If you do not show any Dragon keys equipped, and after equipping and un-equipping them the low damage numbers persist (re-logging may also help); then grab some screenshots of your mod screens with the weapon/frame stats visible, and submit a ticket as suggested previously. 


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