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ESO Matchmaking Bug


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I was in Zone 2 or 3 of an ESO run when our squad broke up. One of the players that left was the host, and myself and the other player that stayed were put into host migration. When we were starting the next Zone, another player managed to join us. What made this even more unusual was that they were using a Rank 25 Warframe. The newly-joined player mentioned that they were in a Sanctuary Onslaught themselves when they were thrown into Host Migration and were somehow put into our squad.

The game otherwise played as normal and we extracted as normal. I wasn't really paying attention to the rewards or enemy levels, but the enemy compositions and Focus gains suggested we were put into their (or at least a) Sanctuary Onslaught rather than a sub-30 Warframe somehow managing to join an ESO.

We were otherwise able to play and extract as normal.

Overall seems more amusing than game-breaking, as it seems to require a very long string of coincidences to actually occur.


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