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The plains and Cetus consume more FPS


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When you are in the plains and then you return to cetus, and soon after you return to the plains and repeat this more times.
The map that loads, loads with less fps, there is an increase in temperature in the processor and GPU.
It's like the map is getting saturated with every time you go back to cetus and then go to the plains.
There is no explanation.
I tried this in 1080p
On two different computers

Computer 1 (Brother computer)

  • 16 gb ram
  • i7 4770
  • gtx 970 (4gb)
  • SSD 500 gb
  • HDD 2 tb

And the negative effect was not remarkable. But the temperature of the GPU and processor was increased. Starting the GPU with a temperature of 35º Celsius going to 65º. And the processor from 62º to 79º Celsius.
The configuration was tested in High Settings and Low Setting (for higher FPS)
in High Setting in 1080p it had 105 fps (With vertical synchronization activated it was 60 fps)
in Low Setting in 1080p it had 195 fps
These being the performance results in rainy environment, being in Solo Mode.
From the ship I went to the plains and in both cases I started with those FPS as a whole at the initial temperature.
But when he returned to Cetus and then returned to the plains of Eidolon again.
The FPS were reduced and the temperature increased.
I repeated this 10 times, and at High Setting the temperature increased to 65 degrees Celsius on the GPU and the FPS dropped to 50-55 fps.
In the case of Low setting, the same thing happened with the temperature, and the FPS of 195 were reduced to 70-80.
This is not remarkable, but there is a considerable loss of FPS for no reason.
It is as if the plains of eidolon and cetus are still running in the background or step by step these two maps are becoming saturated.

Computer 2 (Computer I inherited from my brother and what I use daily)

  • 8 gb ram
  • i5 3330
  • gtx 650 (2gb)
  • SSD 240 (Here is wf)
  • HDD 2 tb

In this computer I have always played almost 3 years Warframe at 90 fps in low settings.
And I've played almost a year in the eidolon plains (Hunting eidolon at night)
This problem started in "The Profit Taker" update. On both computers if you are the host this problem happens, if you are a guest player the effect is much less.
In the case of this computer with a resolution scale of 80/100
I'm on my ship then I go to the plains and I have 90fps. I return to cetus and then return to the eidolon plains again and now I have 40-60 fps (with rain effect)
On the second occasion that I do this I have 30 stable fps
On the third time I have 20-30 fps
In the fourth I have 15-27 fps
In the fifth I have 12-17 fps
In the sixth I have 9-11 fps
In the seventh time, the game crashed.
The temperature of the processor is at 68º Celsius and grows to a maximum of 88º Celsius
The GPU starts with a temperature of 55º Celsius and increases to 79º Celsius.
In this case the effect is completely remarkable.
Before, this did not happen.

A serious performance problem is happening in the eidolon plains, even with a very strong computer the effect affects this open world. But it is not very remarkable.
If there was no such problem then they would not lose SPF or increase the temperature in an exaggerated way.

Both computers are in good condition, and not one application was executed in the background, only the game was running.


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