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Best way to Manage Current Syndicate Standings



When I first began raising Syndicate levels, I started off with Suda and switched to Meridian after getting to the second or third rank of both Suda and Hexis. I’ve now ranked both Meridian and Red Veil to their fourth levels and want to go back to raising Suda and Hexis. What’s the best micro-management strategy to maximize grofit without going negative in my other Syndicates?

P.S. I’ve read somewhere that equipping a significant for an opposing Syndicate will reduce another Syndicate to 0. Is this true?

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it all depends on what your wanting to do as when you earn suda an hexis standing you will lose standing in red veil.
option 1 you can do is do only 2 sydincates of either suda an hexis or merdian an red veil.
option 2 you can do 3 sydnicates of either suda, merdian, an hexis or do perin, red veil, an loka

wearing a suda sigil earns you suda an hexis standing but reduces standing with red veil an new loka
wearing a merdian sigil earns you merdian an red veil standing but wont make you lose suda or hexis standing

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In my theory (which i did not test if i may add), you can max all the Syndicates with tedious labour, but can definetly max 4 at the same time. I usually alternate between Red Veil, and New Loka. This makes Steel Meridian and Perrin Sequence the secondary Syndicate, and usually they are the ones losing standing. Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda still hates me, and i don't care about it.

Keep in mind, that once you payed the price of the respective rank, you don't have to pay it again. Found out the hard way, and was relieved i could rank up easily again. It's a wise choice to keep some leftover standing, which can be burnt.

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42 minutes ago, AskingForTrouble said:

I’ve now ranked both Meridian and Red Veil to their fourth levels and want to go back to raising Suda and Hexis.

Looks like it's time for ...

:meridian::hexis::suda: Syndicate Copypasta Go! :perrin::redveil::loka:

You can easily have positive Standing in 4 Syndicates at once:

1) Steel / Suda / Hexis / Veil
Only run Steel / Suda missions, have a Steel Sigil equipped
(well, also equip a Suda Sigil until you are Rank 1 with them, heh).

Suda won't interfere with Steel and gives you +50% Hexis,
the -50% Veil is made up by the +50% Veil from Steel
and the Steel Sigil (no negative for Suda / Hexis) finally gets Veil into positive.

2) Veil / Loka / Perrin / Steel
Only run Veil / Loka missions, have a Veil Sigil equipped.

Works pretty much like the previous.
FYI, this combination makes you miss out on Suda's unique Large Team Shield Restore
(no big deal IMO, plus you can switch Syndicates to eventually get everything).

3) Perrin / Hexis / Loka / Suda
Only run Perrin / Hexis missions, alternate between Perrin / Hexis Sigils.

Perrin / Hexis are opposed but you still get a total of +50% for each
and they don't interfere with Loka / Suda so it's +50% each there, as well.
FYI, this combination makes you miss out on Veil's unique Large Team Ammo Restore
(maybe somewhat of a big deal, dunno).

:meridian::hexis::suda: Syndicate Copypasta End! :perrin::redveil::loka:

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I am currently max rank with steel, hexis, suda and veil.

Each day do the daily syndicate missions for steel and suda.

Whilst playing for the rest of the day use the steel sigil.

Steel ranks up steel and veil (daily missions plus daily play time).

Suda ranks up suda and hexis whilst reducing veil (daily missions).

Occassionally you get so much rep in veil that you can spend the day equipping the suda sigil.

This allows you to get archwing parts, mods and weapons from 4 syndicates for use or trading.

Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.

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