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Squad Details In Mission Complete Dialogue


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The Mission Complete dialogue contains the Tenno's names but no other identifying information.  The in-game Squad dialogue neatly summarises the Tenno frame and weapons and might I suggest that this information would be really useful if added to the Mission Complete dialogue.  It could simply be a floating tooltip over each Tenno's name which shows the frame and weapon summary.


Although I may not remember the names of the different tenno I've just played a game with, it's much easier to identify who was who when you can also see the frames used.  And then when I see amazing stats, I can easily see which weapon or frame to investigate next! 



Recently I recall seeing an end of game dialogue which asked me to rate the other players.  It was quickly removed in the next patch as it wasn't finished yet.  But  it will be difficult to rate other players if you can't clearly identify them.  Of course if you always play with friends then this won't be a problem for you.




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