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pls fix Atmo droprate. it doesnt drop. im stuck at max vox solaris standing 44000/44000 and cant progress to next rank cause atmo doesnt ever drop and its needed to get next rank. its been 4 days of farming phase 2 and still no atmo.... thats a joke, right?

probably done 100+ runs or more and still nothing.

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On 2018-12-27 at 7:46 AM, BastyTH said:

from my yesterday farming the result is

200 gyro

30 repeller

others are mods

and 0 atmo

the drop chance on wiki said its 10% while repeller is 7.5% what a S#&$ty luck..

In my case it feels like DE just forgot to write a "." when they told us the droprate, instead of 25/10/7.5% it feels like 2.5%1.0/0.75%, done a lot of the second phase, I got like 10 Resolute Focus, ton of Rad relics, about 15 drops of 5xGyromag, two drops of Repeller and two drops of Atmo systems. It just doesn't feel right, The rare drop from a Radiant relic is 10%, but those drop a lot more than the Heist's 25% "common" reward.

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I have done nothing but p2 and p4 of profit-taker the past week and I am still unable to rank up from my 44k/44k because these missions simply do not drop atmo systems even if they are listed as an uncommon reward.

This is nothing but very tiresome and extremely uninteresting, these kind of progression "stoppers" should not exist in the first place. This is truly the worst of warframe.

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funny, i try to get my hand on two more meager repeller for the last rank and get a lot of those atmos (and ofc, tons of gyros too). too bad we can't trade the stuff...

On 2018-12-31 at 12:39 PM, BabyKurama said:

Gotten 8 Atmo system, so had some luck, Vega Toroids however dosen't exist for me 😞

for the vega torrids, the best way is using either ivara or nekros and stirring up ѕhit at the spaceport (meaning alert lvl 4). pro-tip: if you have any kind of double resource bonus running, you'll get 2 torids instead of only one (also goes for the big torid from the spider-mom). the drop-chance booster will also help in this, having both active is a good way to get them bugger fast - but don't forget to go to the correct location to farm them. trying to get torids from the heist is a waste of time in my book - but nice of DE to put them in there anyway (better then any useless mods or resources we already have tons of).

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My friend and I have been having the same problem. He needs the Atmo Systems to rank up with Vox, and we've been farming phase 2 for the past 3 days. Running 2-3 hours worth of phase 2 runs at a time.

We've gotten every other possible reward several times, but not one atmo system drop.

I also haven't seen any drop from Profit Taker kills either.

Mine and my friend's inventory check: both our atmos drops were from about a week ago.


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