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Feature Request: Alliance Transportor or Alliance Transportor Room for Dojo


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I didn't have much luck in another forum so I'm posting it here hoping for feedback:

So we have Transporters that can take us from room to room in a single clan, but we don't have a reliable way to visit other clans in an alliance without asking players for an invite.

We should be able to check on another clan's dojo on the spot instead of going through the slow process of communication and availability.

You can also give the owner of the clan and/or alliance an option in clan management or the room console of the alliance transporter room to enable/disable alliance based transporting for shy/protective clans or alliances. It could also be a privilege option for certain ranks within a clan. There should be some degree of freedom in managing this capability.

Something like this will definitely help clans in an alliance feel closer together. If such a feature were implemented, the autokick feature would have to be tweaked or implemented into the transporter system. The first option would be to assign the auto-kick specifically to non-alliance members instead of non-clan members. You could also "grey out" empty dojos from the alliance transporter list.

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