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Does Catchmoon have pellets, is 100% status useful ?


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OK - the question is pretty much in the title.

Catchmoon is labelled as "shotgun" ; when shotguns reach overall 100% status, then EACH pellet procs status, which brings your weapon to a brand new level of performance. (NB : this is a math thing, due to how overall proc chance is calculated based on each pellet's chance to proc)

Now, it does not look like Catchmoon fires pellets per say, and it does not look like the energy projectile(s ?) are the equivalent of pellet(s). Unless ?

Same question goes for the Arca Plasmor, by the way.

Any thoughts/ideas/results ? Thx

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Short Answer: No, no.


Long Answer: Both Arca and Catchmoon fire only a single projectile, so use the traditional Rifle status calculations. And given that both weapons have a slow fire rate, corrosive for Armor stripping is a bad idea as your status per second will be very low. And you can't even resort to a slash build because neither have any base slash damage (you can of course use Hunter Munitions with Arca, although that has nothing to do with status chance). The only reason you could possibly maybe go for Status is for a Gas build, however these are already extremely niche and don't even often work well against infested because Toxic Ancients nullify the majority of the toxin/gas damage and Corpus (especially on the Orb Valis) don't group up much.

I recommend just going for Killstream/Splat especially for Catchmoon, the only way to get decent status out of Catchmoon is to also stack fire-rate but that then leads you to a magazine size problem.

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