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Having some way of distinguishing vaulted relics ingame


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I have a terrible memory and im a student so i wont be able to play for weeks at a time (not knowing what got vaulted and what didnt). So i wanted to ask if you guys could add some way of distinguishing vaulted relics from the unvaulted ones in game, something like how the wiki does with a v in brackets would be nice. Ex: Lith N4(V).

Its especially hard to pick when doing an casual unlimited relic survival or something for void traces, when you don't have that much time to search online if your relic is vaulted or not.


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7 minutes ago, maddragonmaster said:

well an idea i just thought of is to put a vault symbol or something on the relics that have theme. even having a vault mark on the vaulted pieces in question.

Kinda stupid they dont display the description from the relic terminal, it even states something along the lines of "blah blah this relic is vaulted"

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