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Didn’t receive mission reward.


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Just did a 25 min Kuva survival. Got dc’d at 20 mins. Rejoined with buddies. Did 5 more mins and left at 25.. usually happens and I keep whatever I have before I got kicked. Not this time. Gained 1,600 Kuva from the 5 mins I was in there and got nothing else from the previous time. ONLY the rejoined 1,600 Kuva. Seriously not happy about this. It’s happening more and more and I’m just wasting my time farming for resources now. They don’t even stay when I’m getting dc’d this is bulls*** 

And before anybody says stupid obvious things like “this doesn’t happen” “check your inventory” blah blah etc.. I have. I am not receiving my rewards. 

Uninstall will be happening soon unless this gets fixed. 

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