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Warframe: Concept Enemies Or Allies [Obsolete]


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Because this topic is getting no attention and because one of the two characters appearing here has gotten an entire (and more successful) topic of his own, this topic is obsolete and should be deleted at earliest possible time.


The topic for the character Zet Kuur can be found here:




Check it out if you wish, it contains a full background story and portrait of the character and several audio logs detailing the characters journey as well as several others.

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Mara Q... it may be just my sick mind, or dunno, fumes from tenant doors... but what about name\



EDIT: Sorry bTw, im not here to develop new characters, i suck at creativity, dont mind me posting comments tho;D


Oh, and by the way: 


That would be fun in game character, right?


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Infested Boss: Barf


Looks like a Toxic Ancient and a Runner had a baby.


Pukes up new infested units: Infested Toxic Rollers - These units stun like normal rollers, but also leave a toxic cloud in their wake.


Barf is quick and does not attack Tenno directly, instead he runs away and pukes up toxic rollers.

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