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Lambeo MOA fires weapons from its foot.


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Recently created a new MOA to try out the new brackets - seems like either the head or the brackets are at fault, causing the firing point of the beam to be in the MOA's left foot instead of its head.

I'd previously made an otherwise similar build, the only differences being the choice of head and brackets (Para/Alcrom/Munit/Drimper), which had no graphical issues when firing weapons.

I've tried equipping Sweeper, to similar effect - if harder to notice.

Pictures: No. 1, No. 2

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I also posted about this earlier, it doesn't look like it's limited to lambeo. I have a para moa (drex, para, tian, trux) and it also is missing a shooting origin, making it fire from what appears to be its entity position. I'd say the only determining factor is the model, because that's the part that shoots. Nothing about "leg" says anything about a weapon, at least for moas. If anything is coded to permit modularity (building moas from many combinations of parts), it is exactly in that area, the head. They should have attachment points, there's attachment points for sentinels, guns, etc, unless the muzzleflash and bullet tracer effect positions are hard-coded in each weapon and each sentinel. Below the 3D model is not the feet, but the entity's origin (internally-used position, I guess. I mean, on one hand I don't know how exactly they handle models, animations and entity positions in Warframe, but on the other hand I don't think there's anything special with that hypothesis because that's how it works in some other games I play).

I'll be careful to claim that much, but it appears as if they didn't even test all the weapons, and instead they saw the laser rifle projectiles starting from the right position and concluded that weapons work properly, not noticing the muzzle flash, and of course bullet tracers are hard to notice, so no surprise that this might be missed, since it's less blatantly obvious than the artax beam.

I'll repost my imagesbug%20machine%20rifle.png?dl=1bug%20laser%20rifle.png?dl=1bug%20ice%20beam.png?dl=1

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I wasn't done putting my images before it posted the comment. Maybe I misclicked or something.
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