Cool new Warframe: Baruuk
Played with a few players now using the new frames and let put it this way i though it was something with the game/glitch of lightning or things causes some epilepsi attack.
But after played with atleast 7 random and now my own frame, it keep happening. Im sorry to say but the only way i could level AND play my "baruuk" epileptic frame was using only 2nd, 3rd and 4th attack.
- It is completely impossible using the first ability. * Elude - The flashing/Bluring causes the same lightning frequence that allow Epileptic attacks to happen. This need to be adressed. Solution: Change the animation to something like a more Fixed animation that isnt all "blur-lightning"
- Please the frame looks very promising but its nearly impossible to play with him, Even less with others using it. Since my atleast from what i can remember 5 attacks just within a week, as soon i see another Baruuk i have two choices.
A. Leave Squad (find new)
B. Play Solo
C. TAB out entire mission (def/intercept) where i know they will somehow run pass my screen with the effect active. Im depressed and very upset with DE not being aware that this exact thing do causes epileptic sesures (attacks).
- Worse case im gonna be forced to quite the game i adore and love becuse it will be nearly impossible avoid those frames. @[DE]Ryan@[DE]Adam@[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Steve@[DE]Megan
Console: PC Best Regards (SevenSinsOfHell) --> Rename "Zenpark"