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If you're the client klamora prism has infinite energy


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When you join any game and use the new klamora prism, as a non host it never runs out of energy, you can keep shooting and ii will auto regenerate fully the amount of what energy that you had when you started shooting e.g. if you have 140 energy and hold the trigger using the prism, once it reaches zero it will auto regenerate fully to 140 skipping the recharge delay, but if you have 50 energy ( from using the scaffold ) and then use the klamora prism it will regenerate up to 50 energy again skipping the recharge delay.

Just to clarify there's two parts to this: if you stop shooting but haven't run out of ammo, it will still skip the recharge delay but will start recharging to the previous energy amount, but if you keep holding the trigger when it runs out of ammo it will just instantly rewind to full again ( or the previous energy amount) effectively giving you infinite ammo.

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