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Battacor severely bugged.


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I dont know if this is art&animation or sound bug...

OTHER peoples Battacors fire NON-STOP on ps4.  

I have seen this from different people on different maps.   I even tried to talk to the first guy i noticed doing it and he wasnt even aware he was doing it.   But as long as OTHER people have that gun out it just fires non stop.   I can tell because the bullets are glowy and I find that persons name and then I look at their gear in the menu screen and its always the battacor they are carrying.   

The guy I talked to said he wasnt even using his at the time, he was using melee to kill stuff.   But the from the start of the mission, to the very end, nothing but constant shooting.   

Next time I run into someone with one I will see if I can get them to switch weapons and then back again to see if it stops animation/sound.  Also I need to ask others in group if they notice it to??   


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On 2019-01-20 at 4:56 PM, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:


do the phantom shots actually hit things and deal damage?


just curious cause it might provide some insight into how host/client hit detection is handled in warframe


 My fiancé plays right next to me, and when it was making the sounds he wasn’t even firing his gun, though it showed it on my screen.

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