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Kuva Survival: DE FIX YOUR #(@$ GAME

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Just finished a 1hr 5 min kuva survival.

No kuva awarded.  WTF DE.

We activated every kuva life support siphon.

I was not inactive - doing 40% of the damage, killed 1162 enemies

I had a smeeta kavat and a resource booster active and was expecting to get tens of thousands of kuva. I was not expecting to bend over at the end of the mission.

Every other reward was given - 40k mission credits, 3 axi relics, 800 endo, 6 garbage credit caches,all the usual garbage mods from the mobs etc

I have no idea if others in squad were as screwed over as I was as it was a public mission.


I checked my kuva before and after the mission: 228,561 before and after


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