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Kavat Genetic Codes Are Severely Unbalanced.


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Having only 1 in 5 to 10 scans resulting in 1 genetic code is insane.

The Kavat Genetic Code alerts are a rip as well. We can do a Kubrow egg alert and have a Kubrow. We have to do 2 Kavat Genetic Code alerts to get a Kavat, unfair.

Kubrow egg in the Market is 10 plat. Kavat Genetic Codes you need 50 plat to make a Kavat.

DE said they would balance this when Kavats were released. This has yet to happen.

DE please make every 1 or 2 scans result in a code.

DE please make Kavat Genetic Code alerts give 10 Codes.

DE please lower the platinum cost to purchase Kavat Genetic Codes.

Thanks for your consideration.

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