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Returned after a long while


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Hey there Tennos!
After quite some time of quitting this game, when I figured it out back there in 2016.
Played the game and spent around 540 Hours in 1 month and a week, legit used to sleep on PC from how addicting this game was.
After reaching like MR 18/19 within this short period or what I consider is short, I got so bored of it specially that it kept getting harder to play on my potato pc, which had 4 gigs of ram, core2duo and GT 710.
Playing on 800 x 600 on very low yet had 30-40 fps was a pain, so I had no choice.
Now that I've upgraded my PC, I'm back to the game and man I do miss how amazing it was.
Am searching for people to play with, perhaps help ignite the spark of flame I had inside me for a while loving this game.

More info about me:
I'm Morgan, 17 Years old gamer from Egypt.
Been gaming for almost over 14 years and online gaming since I've been seven, pretty much that's what taught me all the English I know or perhaps made my brain " mature " as I do consider myself.
I've also been a Play by play shout caster for some of the events that happen in my country, so you might as well find my voice or my accent quite "good" if we ever enter Discord or w/e to have fun playing!
I'll also be welcome to any clan invitations that seem helpful, I do not care if the clan is active or not as long as I got 2/3 people I adore and would enjoy staying with.

Have a nice day ♥

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8 minutes ago, KilluaWalker said:

You are free to join my clan (nighthawk gaming), we are a small 15-18 person clan looking to grow, so if variety is your spice i can't offer that yet. feel free to message here, in game (KilluaWalker) or on discord (KilluaWalker#8439)


Good luck!

Sent ya an add on discord! 

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