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Some UI Features for reporting players.


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Kind of odd that we cannot report a player if they've logged offline.


Also interesting that when you go to report someone there isn't a feature for 'attempted scam or potential fisher' or something similar.

Someone tried to trade me that said they needed to switch accounts (I believe having multiple accounts is fine, but trading between them is violation of ToS). Either way, sounded fishy and possibly a situation where fraudulent platinum might be found. 


Can we please get these things?

Ability to report players if they've been online within the past 5-10 minutes. 

Ability to report players for attempting to scam (or wording meaning as such). 


While I do know that accepting a trade is your responsibility to ensure that you get what you 'paid' for. Because DE has the ability (and exercised it) to remove platinum that was used with charge-backed cards or stolen cards, it isn't fair to the legit player whom gets screwed over in that case, and currently us players don't have a way of finding it out until it's too late or risking scaring away a legit buyer.


Thanks for reading, Happy Tennobaum and Happy New Year.

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Pretty sure the reason we don't have a specific 'report for scam' is because of how much it'd likely get abused. My trade history's been almost entirely smooth sailing, but every now and again I'll get some angry would-be buyer that threatens to report me for scamming because I won't lower my price as much as they'd like.

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