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Atlas Tectonics Rework


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Atlas's tectonics is a very strange ability, its ok for a protective ability and is great for drawing aggro and is good for blocking off hallways, but its the boulder upon reactivating the ability is far too worthless and underwhelming for what it could do, it does little damage and its CC is very bad, its really just a small inconvenience for enemies and more of a glorified way to deactivate tectonics. But I have a suggestion that will make tectonics a much more interactive and worthwhile ability that could make Atlas an even more satisfying Warframe and further his title as the Stone Titan


  • Tectonics 
    • Upon Reactivating ability while next to tectonics, Atlas will tackle the rock wall and wrap the earth around him, becoming an unstoppable, controllable boulder that crushes everything in its way
      • Tectonics Boulder scale with the amount of rubble atlas has accumulated and will deal 2x the damage with each 100 stacks of rubble. with 0 rubble accumulated, tectonics boulder will deal a default of 200/300/350/500 impact damage and can be affected by power strength mods (with max rubble, atlas can deal 7,500 damage to each target rolled over)
      • Damage will degrade as Atlases rubble degrades
      • Rubble and items can be picked up in this state
      • Atlas gains 70% damage resistance while in this state
      • Tectonics boulder will last for 4/6/8/10 seconds and is affected by duration mod
      • Atlas must be 2 meters away from tectonics to activate boulder form, tackle distance cant be affected by range mods
      • Atlas while in boulder form will knock down all targets that he runs into
      • Atlas is unable to use guns or melee while in this state
    • Atlas is able to hold in the ability while outside of boulder form to deactivate tectonics wall form, causing it to crumble
      • Distance to deactivate tectonics wall form is infinite
    • Synergy: Atlas is able to use landslide while in Boulder form to quickly emerge from the blouder to hit an enemy, the boulder will redirect its path to collide and explode upon the enemy that atlas used landslide upon, dealing damage in a 5-meter radius
      • Enemies near the explosion who survive will be knocked down
      • Explosion can be affected by range mods but has damage fall off
      • Atlas can reactivate tectonics while in boulder form to instantly detonate
    • If Atlas uses Petrify upon tectonics before entering boulder form, it will have increased speed and reflect damage back to enemies but will still have 70% damage resistance
      •  When boulder explodes upon the end of duration or upon impact with enemies or environment, the explosion will petrify enemies who survive the explosion within range

Tectonics boulder form will act like a vehicle for him. This boulder form will allow Atlas to have an alternate way of killing enemies other than using nothing but landslide, it should also be a good replacement for what tectonics boulder currently is, it doesn't limit mobility, it dishes out major damage, and brings more utility and variety to Atlases kit, and is a fresh new mechanic. 

That's mostly it for the ability, there might have been a few things I didn't describe enough or expand upon more but let me know what you think.

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Whoa this sounds fun! Almost overpowered, but really fun. I just don't agree with its synergy with Landslide because it sounds clunky and unnecessary. And I only think it might be overpowered because of its damage scaling with rubble stacks. It's a good idea, but if Atlas were also to have his rubble cap removed or increased (which I really hope it does) then it would mean excessive damage scaling for this change to Tectonics. Of course, there could just be a cap on the damage multiplier from rubble.

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