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Can we agree that Warframe needs fixing.


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3 minutes ago, Cephalycion said:

Just trying to get the general consensus of the public here.

Just saying but the people here are actually a vocal minority of the player base.

But yes we can agree some things are broken and do need fixing. But just because we can see it's broken doesn't mean we can agree on how to fix it, unfortunately.

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That depends upon what the meaning of the word is, is That depends on what exactly you mean by fixing.

More seriously... 

What you call fixing will likely, in reality, manifest as changing the game to be something completely different, and be objected to by a lot of people. The reason I say a lot of people and don't specify one group is because what you'll likely find, if you were to take a large sampling of random people from the actual active player population, is that the majority doesn't want any major changes to the game, but all want *some* kind of more immediate, specific changes... With no two groups really able to agree on what needs change, what direction they should go in, and what needs prioritized.

What's important to keep in perspective here, however, is right now all these groups are here. Meaning whatever the current game is doing is at least to some degree successful.

Based off the question you're asking and the context around it, take my suggestion on something: Brush up on the folly that befell Star Wars Galaxies, and while I know this sounds like it is completely out of left field, also brush up on the history of the Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition hack, specifically how it influenced Turbo and eventually helped to spawn literal dozens of successful franchises, including the various Marvel games. 

The reason I give you these specific examples to look at is because they both tell the same story, but with greatly differing results based on choices made by the developers. The objective nature of "fixing" or "improving" a game is at least partially derived from its audience, and if you're not really careful trying to "fix" what you perceive as problems can just result in you breaking your game in reality.

Making wide impacting and deep changes to the base level gameplay of a game is effectively like trying to hit a moving target with another moving target.

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It would be cool to hear some details. Of course there are things broken and things that are shining already. But let's be philosophical then.

On a bigger scale, I think DE has the stats, they know how to build up something that ensures the servers are running for eternity. It definitely means that sometimes players have to sacrifice a few things on its altar, whatever the original questions was pointed at. I don't really care when a small minority of players start complaining on something.

It is a free game. A very good one. I'm happy it is still there with a huge player basis, I'm happy I'm seeing new players all around asking for help all the time.

I just trust DE and their continuous fixing efforts. They know their S#&$, I wouldn't change a thing actually. If I'm bored with one game mode, I switch to another one, etc, etc... 

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With all due respect I don't understand the point of this thread. If there's something specific you belive needs fixing there are feedback and bug report forums for that, which the devs take into consideration. Changes and fixes are released all the time, often based on that feedback. All that means everybody (including the devs) knows there are things in Warframe that need fixing. The balance between fixing, releasing new content and experimenting is a difficult one to achieve but in general we have a fun and engaging game to play. 

I would like you to clarify what the idea behind this thread is. 

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Maybe it would be a good idea to make a list of fixes that most of the players can agree they are needed.

Because there are many good ideas around in the forum, but the posts get lost in the old ones, maybe there should be a post always pinned on top that contains the ideas that are considered valid from the devs and also the ones highly approved and popular between the players.

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