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Unable to skip cutscene in Profit Taker bounty


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Not sure if this has been reported already but I realised there is a scenario where you can't skip the cutscene.

- You have to be in a party

- Someone else has to initiate the vote for a new profit taker bounty (doesn't matter which)

- You have to be the LAST person to accept the vote and in that scenario YOU alone won't be able to skip the cutscene

I've tested this with other people in multiple parties and it's reproducible every time. Very annoying if you are the last person to vote.

Only way to work around this is sometimes you can force the vote, meaning no one is last to vote and it works ok.


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That bug is not from the Profit Taker bounty itself- It's an older bug related to any start-of-mission cutscene, though other than this one the only ones we got are the grate dropping scenes. Can also happen in those instances where you can't skip them no matter how much you try.

But yeah, this bug is a thing, it's annoying.

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You're right, get the "grate drop" cut scene bug a lot, but no idea what its related to. This one at least I can recreate every time. Also seems we can no longer force the vote, so new work around is disband party, leader start the alert and after the cut scene invite everyone again.

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