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PS4 Controller not allowing me to "Add Friends"


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Maybe im missing something here, but I have noticed that while using the default button configuration for the PS4 Controller on PC that when i go to the Friends list to do Anything regarding friends i cant open the menu that would normally be used by the "Right Click" function of the mouse, so it is impossible for me to add or delete friends using a controller, Everytime i want to interact with the Friends list i have to load up using mouse or keyboard then restart the game to use my controller.

I tried going into the menus and re configuring the controller inputs for the menus to test out different "buttons" to try and get the right click menu on the friends list and i cant find anything that works.


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Using steam software for controller support?

If yes, using steam controller settings for Warframe, try legacy Xinput button bindings for Warframe menus. Search for more information: https://www.google.com/search?q=steam+controller+legacy+xinput+bindings

Warframe have some bugs where buttons may not work in some menus, unless mapped as Legacy Xinput buttons for menu controls.

1. Friend's list menu popup doesn't work when mapped to "Select". It might work when mapped to Legacy, controller "A button".

2. L2/LT mapped as "Chat" doesn't work to reduce purchase amount menu nor in Dojo research contribute amount. Map as Left Trigger to work.


Steam settings, in-game, big picture can be turned off while steam overlay stays on, so keyboard and mouse can be fully used, but does limit entering text box using keyboard only.

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