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Profit taker bounty 1 bugs.


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1)the fishing part. sometimes i have to catch 1-4 fish to go up one of the require not sure if its a bug but its not fun at most i had to catch was 11 to complete this phase/ opjective catch 3 fish.

2)the data terminal dont always drop it forcing you to quit/ leave squad to get enemies to re spawn.

3) The drop table is broken if played it 38 times out of the 38 times i got 0 rare drops i might have just been unlucky. the combined drop rate is 10% for the rare ones so i should have gotten 2/3 for my runs.

I think what happens here is its an lv 50 bounty and lv 50 bounties normally have 5 stages were you can only get  rares only on stage 4 and 5 since there is only 3 stages in the bounty, so you cant get rare drops.


bonus The vox Solaris give Solaris united rep not sure if its intended or not.

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