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medium energy restore glitch


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I am experiencing this problem after i decided to change my energy restore to medium rather than the small ones for my excal umbra since idont have naramon to get energy and then i tested it in a simulacrum first it does not work as it supposed to be my energy is at 24 and my max is 450 but  the energy does not rise even a single number i tried exiting the game entering again and the problem still occurs 

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36 minutes ago, kmattrodriguez said:

the energy does not rise

Did you have Exalted Blade active at the time?

Because those abilities - EB, World On Fire, etc - with a constant Energy drain
generally deactivate Energy regen from Energy Siphon / Vampire / Restores / whatnot.

(And just to make absolutely sure, you did equip the Energy Restore, right?
I remember a few instances in the past where players had mixed it up with the Shield one lol.)

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