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Fish with Hydroid augments


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Hydroid can become a puddle, but can't currently stay on top of the water.

How does that make sense? Answer: it doesn't.

His puddle should just allow him to stand on water while puddled, by default.

IMO Hydroid's abilities should allow him to provide a fishing good time. 

Fishing goodnesswould not work by default though, but by means of augments.

Since all abilities do work with water, there would be one augment for each ability, with different effects.

All abilities would have effects which can benefit the team as well.

Tempest Barrage -> Soothing Rain - rain drops drumming in the water surface calms fish down, making them easier to catch and less startled by water activity.

Tidal Surge -> High Tide - Tidal Surge halves range and double width. Hydroid's Tide Wave will turn 180 degrees halfawy, coming back to the starting point. When cast towards water bodies, pulls fish towards Hydroid.

Undertow -> Hotspot - Undertow becomes a hotspot, luring fish in. Hydroid becomes able to throw the spear when undertowed, as if standing on top of the water, making it easier to fish because of the proximity. Fishing spawn will improve for allies as well.

Tentacle Swarm -> Hungry Swarm - Tentacles will capture fish in range and trap them swimming inside the base of their tentacles, making them an easy catch with the spear. Combined with Pilfering Swarm provides double catches.

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35 minutes ago, BrazilianJoe said:

Hydroid can become a puddle, but can't currently stay on top of the water.

How does that make sense? Answer: it doesn't

Maybe he can't contain his particles if he is on top of a bigger body of water. Maybe his particles would get washed away and he would die.

We are playing a game. It doesn't have to make sense. At the same time, if you really want to, you can find a reason for anything, because it is a game.

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1 minute ago, BrazilianJoe said:

Some fishing boon would be welcome to reduce the grind, agreed? 

Not really.
Fishing is easy. Fortuna fishing is even easier then Cetus fishing. (Fortuna's rare fish are basically a pest. All the fish are spawning like crazy)
And if you want to farm for something, just get a ressource booster from Baro, when he brings one. Double the fish...

Could they make it easier? Sure.
Do we need easier fishing? No.

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i think id rather ask for a more useful augment like if undertow was able to stay up wen jumping out of it then allow to activate his 4 on top of it to pull enemies in the same way hydroid is able to in puddle mode so he can shoot around while having undertow be effectively in use but this is just a random idea opinion.

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