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Was building Orokin Catalyst for 24 hrs then reset to 0


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So you just as the title says, had it building for 24 hours woke up to claim scroll down, then hit claim. I had 2 blueprints and it was building yesterday and last night before I went to sleep. Woke up hit claim then it just gave me nothing and had to build and use resources on the same blueprint twice. Why the did it do this?!

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48 minutes ago, (PS4)RaidersRawesom15 said:

Why the did it do this?!

To annoy you and make you collect more resources!


Jokes! Jokes!

Either it's a bug (better have a screenshot and report to Support) or you have mistaken the Blueprint counter. The latter happens to me all the time.

I was crafting Moa Legs and suddenly there were no blueprints left and I was like "wtf...RIP standing" and when I looked in my Inventory I had the amount crafted which I wanted in the first place

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