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Profit Not Taking


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I dont know what to say about this, Profit-Taker missions was good the first time, you know whats happening and everything, till this point i was exited and i realy liked it.... then the boss fight appear, i was just shooting doing 0 damage ( i kinda know now what to do but is like eidolon.. takes time to understand) i realy liked it exept for the excess of corpus high levels... that is sh*t.

now... i finish the main mission and what do i find?  (lets put aside the head in the stomach)

i find recycled phases from the history to repeat and repeat for only one reward in a big pool of items... wtf, i was refusing myself of complaining like this but it has to stop.

know what do i have to offer to "fix" this?


  • Eudico Offering you extra 3 missions with the same system of the common missions
  • Mission 1: Finding new codes for the profit Orb, with 2 phases
  • Mission 2: Doing the Profit Orb come down the investigation laboratory with 3 Phases
  • Mission 3: Killing the Profit Orb With 2 Rewards (or at least make it drop random Toroids or Systems)

Okey that's it i just say what i think about this recycling thing that is a pain in the ass because the dead time there


And for the last bit


  • Corpus enemies has to stop... i mean not entirely but yeah, its too much at least make the Proft Orb Damage them too, or lower the spawn only for this mission.


PD: Im not complaining for the difficulty.. im complaining because this is wanting me to not play it and thats bad for the game because im not the only one you know..

PDD: Sorry if something is bad writed, im from Argentina

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