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Extreme sudden affinity gain during SO.


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I was in a pub group doing SO leveling up an Atlas[0] and gaining focus on a Gram Prime[30][Madurai Eidolon]. I had a Smeeta with me. I was using Naramon Primary (45% affinity bonus towards melee). Focus numbers follow as seen when the focus booster runs out:

Wave 2 booster phase got me ~10k  or so?

Wave 3 booster phase got me i think 5k or less. Monsters didn't spawn until late.

Wave 4 booster phase gave me 133K focus. And that's just the yellow focus popup too, in terms of affinity Atlas was around rank 20 before this, instantly maxed after.

I have an active affinity booster and the smeeta Affinity buff was active from Wave 3 up until wave 4 full booster phase. End of mission screen showed same results, operator and inventory screens confirm the gain.


I suspect something went #*!%y with the Smeeta buff but even if you double count the buff and allow for much better performance during wave4, it still shouldn't be so high. The absolute highest I've seen in my life is like 65k using lenses on both frame and weapon, in ESO not SO and with a good group. A smeeta buff there could have arguably made it into 120k. But not in wave 4 SO with a random group and no lens on frame.

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