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Selfmade Clan Obstacle Course


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Hey there!

Everythings wrong with the clan Dojo obstace course you can make by yourself
>The control is pretty MEH
>Sometimes you can't go up and down but in exchange ur forward fly speed (creator mode) is extremely fast, teleportlike making movement impossible
>When removing the end gate it just keeps disappearing forever, you can no longer place a new one
>When increasing the size of a dummy via + and then taking another object u usually can't change the size of it's stil lchanged in size.
The pilar I selected suddenly was gigantic but the pillar itself has no size change function so I just had to accept that the pillars now have 350% size.

I'm not sure If I keep experimenting with the bugs or leave it be for now. These bugs plus the extremely hard controls are making the self made obstacle course really frustrating.
Things that would help a lot:
Easier clipping. I pref things to just stick together and not everything being all glitchy and melting into each other. The existing clipping function is almost useless.
When leaving the Dojo Obstacle you land in a random room. Make the exit location the dojo obstacle room.
Maybe a 2D mode where you can create things way easier. I'm having minecraft creative mode in my mind where the blocks only stick together and can't be placed in midair+the super smash bros brawl stage creator (which I spent too much time in).


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