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Operator animations and general gracelessness


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Hi all. 

I wanted to share a bit of my impressions on operator animations. I'm strictly talking about walking, running and in-combat postures. 

They look incredibly ugly and graceless. They are like gorillas moping about. Sorry about the lack of tact. 

Originally i didn't mind much. Tho as the game moves forward we've seen a lot more effort in operator customisation, a general increase of operator combat prowess, and several missions where operators are crucial. Which also leads to me spending more and more time with my girl out, whether by choice (it IS fun on occasion) or by force (eidolons/kuva etc). 


Would it be possible to allow animation ports from warframes to operators? That would solve all issues honestly. And it would probably be much easier than trying to redo the whole animation set to make it better looking. 

As a side note, the dodge slide looks imo entirely out of place. Limbo got a good dash animation for his Rift mechanic, would it be possible to reuse that animation in place of the current slide (and maybe throw in a void mode phase in there so that it can be used as an actual dodge)? 

Thank you for your time. 

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à l’instant, GinKenshin a dit :

Pretty sure they just slapped the animation together on a whim. The least they can do is make change the animation depending on what school animation you chose 

I agree it would be much cooler to have operator specific sets which vary with the school you choose to use. 

That said that would take quite a lot of animation work, in the meanwhile i'd just like sassy garuda animation so i could not look like a monkey when i go about my business :S Which is probably far easier to implement considering afaik operators and frames share the same animation rig, only scaled down. 

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