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WTS high-end rivens!

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Hey Tenno! It's been a while since I last advertised anything here.
I'm selling a bunch of mostly (very) nice rivens.

Contact me when you are interested in anything. PM here or PM in-game (Equastro).

I'm open to trades but I don't accept riven trades unless I'm trading up with multiple of my rivens for one of yours. I do accept arcane energize/grace and valuable arcane helmets or prime sets as (partial) payment.

Primaries: Burston - Dread - Lanka - Mutalist Cernos (cheap) - Opticor - Phage - Phantasma - Rubico - Vectis - Zhuge
Secondaries: Aklex - Castanas - Embolist - Pyrana - Stubba - Tombfinger - Twin Grakatas - Twin Rogga
Melees: Cyath & Kreska


Good day Tenno!

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