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Vectis Tekelu Skin BUG/Pixelated (potentially all Tekelu Skins)


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Hello there.

Since the release of Fortuna (Update 24.0) back in November 8th my Vectis Tekelu Skin (the one they gave for free back when POE release) is completely pixelated/bugged.


I've tried to reach out for some Youtubers Discords to see if they know about the bug or care to share this with DE but no luck.

So i decided to post it here to see if this comes to DE knowledge.

I also posted this on Reddit but again, not much attention.

Also, in the reddit response a player said that all his Tekelu skins are this way so probably all the Tekelu Skins are affected.

I'll leave the link for a album i made on Imgur with the weapon visual and some comparison.


I appreciate if you guys can raise some awareness with DE about this since alot of people like those skins (like me! fashion-frame ftw! hehe).

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Added a picture to illustrate the BUG.

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Adding a image to better illustrate the bug
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