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GRATTLER rounds pass through enemies and explode behind them.


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So I jusst noticed that GRATTLER seems to have innate punch through, which seems to be a very bad thing for such a weapon.

GRATTLER's stats say that it deals around 300 or so damage, but it's actually divided into 2 bursts of damage, 1st is from the impact of the round on the target and the 2nd is from the explosion from the round. But as it is right now, it's only really capable to do the first burst of damage because of the...supposedly innate punch through. 

I wouldn't exactly say that the GRATTLER has actual innate punch through, it still explodes when it comes into contact with terrain like thin doors and such but when it comes to normal enemies, the explosions seem to not initiate upon contact but way behind the enemies like it just warps right through them. The only way to actually make the most of the damage of the GRATTLER is to shoot the floor where the enemies are to make rounds explode. 

This also means that we won't be able to deal any headshot damage though.

All in all, I think the bottom line is that DE should fix this bug if it really is a bug, or just make the rounds explode on impact with the enemies. 

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