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Archguns and Exalted Weapons


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If you have an Archgun out and try to activate an exalted weapon, weird things happen:

Possible for Host and Client:

Titania: Archgun doesnt get unequipped during Razorwing. You can fire the Archgun normally and it takes from the Archguns ammo. Some animations are missing (firing, fast flying). Also Diwata is not blocked from using.

Possible only for clients:

Mesa: Upon activation your archgun gets unequipped and you get your normal guns instead of regulators. You cant use abilities anymore and have slowed walking and running speed. Peacemaker visual effects are present but the ability is not actually up and doesnt take energy. Melee attacks are also locked. I like the FoV increase though.

Ivara: Works fine apart from playing the equipping animation for Artemis Bow twice.

Excal, Valkyr and Wukong: Calling the exalted weapon breaks almost everything. You get switched to you primary weapon. After that you cant shoot, use abilities or switch your guns anymore. If you have no primary or secondary equipped it works fine and switches to your exalted weapon properly.


If this happens you can reset yourself by jumping out of the map and getting reset.

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I found this same bug using Baruuk

Repro steps are as simple as having an archgun out and then activating 4 
I noticed that I was able to switch to (but could not fire) my primary and secondary weapons.

switching to my melee weapon cleared the issue 

I also noticed that for the remainder of the mission I was able to switch out of my arch gun by using my weapon switch hotkeys (this is good functionality, keep that! it's quite annoying to use the gear wheel each time the orb changes stages)


It seems to me that the underlying issue is how the archguns handle weapon swaps, and that is getting tangled with how exalted weapons handle their swaps.

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