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Rhino Prime - Iron Skin Effects


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Alright, so. I have been playing this game for about 3 and a half years I think, and I have over 1600 hours in the game, according to Steam. For more than 40% of the time I've spent playing, I have been using either Rhino or Rhino Prime. I love his abilities and everything, but there is only one thing that bugs me.

Whenever Iron Skin is on, Rhino Prime looks disgusting. I spent a lot of time coloring my frame, just to have it turn to one solid color. It isn't like it's a small thing either. This effect is put on his most iconic ability. All I am asking for is an option to turn off the effect, so that people who like it may be able to use it. Kind of like prime parts on skins, it would be nice to have a little switch to just turn it off or change the effect. Thanks DE.

- Palastan

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