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Have you seen The Gobbler?

(XBOX)Kawaii Kuudere

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Hello Tenno,
                    On my travels through the Origins System I have found a rather odd encounter on Saturn.
A pale green Mag (non-Prime) has crossed my path on Helene many times, every time doing the exact same things. I've dubbed them, The Gobbler, and you'll see why.

What I Know;

Completely Pale Green
Only appears on Helene, Saturn
Only on Xbox
Always bullet jumps in circles around the map (i suppose to 'gobble' drops)
Always leaves at round 10
Will always revive, even if they will die
Rarely fires guns
Seems to never die (unless reviving)
Only ever brings a single unranked weapon

At first I just thought it was a leech, but it always stays to round 10, even if it's alone, to test this, I stayed with it when the other randoms left at wave 5 and it just bulet jumped in circles until the objective was destroyed (I wasn't killing enemies, just observing)
I've encountered this thing at least 6 times (coincidence or I'm being stalked).

I don't know what to make of it really, a really dedicated troll, a dumb leech, a bot? I have no idea and I just can't remember their name (if I can, I will edit this)
I you ever see The Gobbler, please tell me it's name or take a screnshot, I'm extremely interested in this person.

Kawaii Kuudere

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13 hours ago, (XB1)Kawaii Kuudere said:

I have no idea and I just can't remember their name (if I can, I will edit this)

Don't that counts as name and shame which is against the rules.

Also, it's probably just someone who just wants to level up their stuff and can't be bothered to participate properly, so yeah, a dedicated leecher.

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