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Az, the Gambler | Warframe Concept


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Hi everyone! I'm Yoda, current YouTuber and game design major in college. I've finally decided to share my ideas with the forums and I would appreciate any and all feedback. Hope you like them! Items marked with a WIP are Work In Progress, meaning they are either placeholder or still undergoing refinement. 


Concept – Cowboy / Luck / Fortune / Hustler / Gambler




            Az, WIP


·         RancherPassive: Gains an additional trigger pull with all shotguns (i.e. a free shot) with 50% effectiveness.

1.    Coin Toss: flips a coin into the air, having a 50/50 chance to obtain one of either buff: Lone Star or Mercurial. Lone Star grants him a primary weapon damage buff based on how far he is from his teammates. As they get closer, the buff is shared with them in equal amounts. On the other hand, the Mercurial buff grants him an overshield that is immune to status effects.

  • ·         Both the gun damage buff and the overshield scale off Power Strength.
  • ·         He can use Coin Toss multiple times in a row until he gains the desired effect, however costing more energy each time if used in rapid succession.
  • ·         He can have both buffs if he manages to get them in two consecutive coin tosses. Otherwise, he will just restart the timer on the acquired buff.
  • ·         Like Harrow, he will have a custom HUD element added when this ability is used to show what side of the coin landed.

2.    Trick Shot: enters an intensely focused state, quickly snapping his aim between targets. During this trance, he gains increased fire rate and critical damage, while all shots will have dramatically increased projectile speed and will ricochet to the nearest enemy within 5m for a few seconds.

  • ·         Sprinting, reloading or swapping weapons deactivates this effect.
  • ·         During the trance, his movement speed will be slowed, similar to aiming while unarmed.
  • ·         The critical damage and fire rate scale off Power Strength.

3.    Roll the Dice: tosses two dice in the air, one with a set of buffs, another with a set of debuffs. When they finish rolling, he will gain a combination of the two effects.



Increased Gun Damage

Reduced Gun Damage

Increased Critical Chance

Reduced Fire Rate

Unlimited Magazine

Reduced Movement Speed

Rapid Shield/Health Regen

Shield Capacity cut by half

Increased Movement Speed

Chance to trip while Sprinting

Unlimited Energy

Chance to self-damage on shot

  • ·         Each dice “face” has the same chance of rolling, and there are no restrictions as to which roll he will get, meaning he may get two buffs, one buff/one debuff, or even two debuffs in one roll.
  • ·         He can deactivate the effects early by holding down the ability, but at the cost of energy, and that cost scales off his Ability Duration.  
  • ·         All buffs and debuffs scale off Power Strength.
  • ·         The self-inflicted damage is equivalent to 10% of the sum of his current Health and Shields. This includes values from overshields and ignores [his] armor.  
  • ·         Like Harrow and his Coin Toss ability, this ability with have a custom HUD element that will visually represent the rolls he acquired when this ability is used.

4.    Revenge: Toggle – arms a hidden explosive inside every enemy that damages him. After 3 seconds, the explosive will detonate, dealing high damage to that enemy. He can also shoot the enemy, triggering the explosion instantly and causing it to deal critical damage and proc a Blast proc.   

  • ·         This ability has an initial cast energy cost, an energy-per-second drain, and an additional cost per enemy affected by this ability (meaning the explosion happened).
  • ·         Allies cannot proc the explosion.
  • ·         He cannot be affected by the explosions.
  • ·         Normal explosion scales off Power Strength.
  • ·         Triggered explosion additionally scales with his primary weapon’s critical stats.


  1.     WIP Dealer’s ChoiceRoll the Dice Augment: roll a third dice – however, all dice have increased chances of rolling a debuff.
  2.     WIP Sleight of Hand – Revenge Augment: enemies affected by the explosion have a 25% chance to be disarmed.

Visual Notes

  • ·         The possible name ‘Az’ stems from the Mongolian translation of the word ‘luck’.
  • ·         Could have a type of coat, scarf, or poncho.
  • ·         Could carry a pouch, possibly for his coins, dice, and explosive detonator.
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