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Some improovents to Vent-Kids races


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So being one of many players wanting to get all achievements possible I would really like to try and get the Race Ace but I see plenty of issues with the races, most notable being serious lack of information for players, we don't know when to start looking for races and in many cases where also often we don't know if we already did a certain race or not, this info should be somehow accessible for players trough game, so here are few solutions:

- add a different mark for races that players already did like add a ✓(check) symbol to it or something similar that would be noticeable

-make race start points always visible, and if the race is not currently active add timer showing time left for it to be active again

-add a race list at Vent-Kids place in Fortuna, could be accessible through talk with Boon(after all he is the one who lets us start them) list should let us see which races we've done, and see which races are active or not and how much time we need to wait for a specific race to get active, it should also allow us to choose one of the races and then mark it on our map once we get to Orb Vallis, and if it's not active then give us a timer like for mission and once the race is active inform us about it with some sort of voice line or something that wouldn't be easy to ignore.

So these are all ideas for improvements I got, for now, hope these or similar solutions will make their way to game

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I agree with this.  Although I went out and researched that reset is when 5 'active' races are available per day, we don't know where they are unless using a map AND we don't know if we've completed it before or not unless we manually keep track of this.  Common DE.  Log this for us so we don't have to ourselves.  

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