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Hide Owned, Built, Mastered


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When looking at an object menu [like a store inventory or a research thing in a dojo], you have the option to "hide owned". This hides items if you have that item. Unfortunately, and especially in the dojo, most of the items you're buying are blueprints. This prevents the "hide owned" from telling me quite as much.

If I've mastered a weapon, I don't want to buy it again. Yes, when I click into it, it will have a thing to let me know that, but I have to click in. It would be nice to add a "hide mastered" checkbox, as well.

If I've built a weapon but not yet mastered it, I don't want to buy it again. This is slightly worse than mastered, because it isn't noted anywhere that you have the item that the blueprint constructs. There should be another box ["hide built"?] for hiding blueprints that create items that you already own. Of additional note, here, is the fact that warframes add one more layer to that, since the items constructed from the blueprints are, in turn, used to construct yet one more item.

There appears to be room in the interface for 2 additional boxes, so I don't think there's too much headache with it.

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