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RNG on riven


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In the last 3 day I had really bad luck trying to get the stats i wanted for my gaze riven so i roll it like 43 time (i know it isnt alot but it's painful) and I have one friend that roll his rubico riven 132 time to get the stats he wanted (still don't know how he managed to do it and not going crazy)

so I had a idea about a feature your might could add to the game that would be fair and less painful

how about making it that you can choose which stats from your previous roll you want to keep  each one you want to keep you need to pay extra kuva

for example: if you want to keep 1 stats its going to cast you 1.5x of the kuva you need to roll without chosen one for 2 2x and for 3 3x

this is only a suggestion and I will be glad if you take it in to consideration and tyvm for read this 😃

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