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Driver Crash in Dojo



So this has been happening for a long time for me (approx 2 years, if I remember correctly). I forgot about it because I haven't built anything in my dojo in a long time. I was gone from warframe for a few months (4), and in that time they added more decorations to the dojos. So, I figured it's time to update the way the dojo looks. 

My problem: If anything (decoration) is waiting to be built (yellow), or in thew process of being built (blue) in a room that I enter, My game will crash. Not, the *oops Warframe crashed, to desktop. But, rather my screen will go Black, and it takes like 20 secs for my pc to fix itself, and minimize the game. I can NOT re-open the game. It will just show black/grey screen and in-game sound. But not play. I have to manually close the window with Task Manager (ctrl/alt/del) and right click to close. Otherwise it just freezes until I hit task manager again (ctrl/alt/del). 

Has anyone else ever ran into this problem? Did you fix it? How?

Pc specs: 

4790k @4.4ghz

16g Ram PC 3200

Titan X 12g w/latest Drivers (Nvidia GeForce Experience)

Window 10 Pro

Also, I run MSI Afterburner w/Riva Tuner to Monitor my Temps

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