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Baruuk Minor UI Change Full Release


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So as I have been sticking forma on forma on forma into Baruuk I decided to look at that Restraint meter he has in the bottom right of the screen and I realized something.

So assuming people looked up that Baruuks passive gives him 50% damage reduction when Baruuk has ZERO Restraint.  What  IF  as the restraint is being released each finger would open one at a time?  AKA one finger at 10%, two at 20%, 3, 4, so on till you lose all of Baruuks restraint.  Which would then be an open palm, signifying that he has fully released his restraint. 

So not only does this simply show the full release but each finger would be 10% of your 50% damage reduction.  Which aside from the wiki I don't believe it is shown anywhere that the passive gives you 50%, unless I'm just not seeing it.  That or its just not obviously pointed out. 

So this is just a minor UI change, sure there is probably a lot of work involved in making it happen but personally I think it would look pretty sweet having an indicator like that.  Anyone else have other ideas?

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1 hour ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Considering how quickly I’ve seen the restraint meter fill I don’t see this being noticed all too often.

Except when you find a player that wants to simply keep his 50% damage reduction I suppose.  Fair point.  But it still would be a cool UI change.

However it would be more noticeable while your depleting the restraint, which is kinda the whole point.  I mean assuming people read the wiki they would know the full release is 50%.  So knowing at any given point of time one would have 10 or 20% damage reduction without having to guess would be nice.

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