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Transference warframe pose?


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How about adding an option to change the pose the warframe takes when you transfer out. Instead of the standard one you could have it meditate on the spot or kneel maybe it can crouch down like its sneaking so if you wanna run a mission with your operator it's not awkwardly standing there.

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On 2018-12-28 at 5:48 AM, SirTobe said:

I'd like this as well. The current T-pose is probably the most uninspired thing they could do. Would even prefer to keep the first one where the frame falls to its knees.

Basically this summarizes my opinion, we see warframes falling to their knees in every video, but then on the videogame they're just weirdly standing in a bug where they try to run their idle animations but then when you transfer back in they continue them.

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