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How to link Mod/blueprints link in chat - Nintendo Switch



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Yeah you jut put the exact name of items in brackets  [ ] 

[Rhino prime systems]   [Rhino Prime System]

[Axi A5 relic] 

You can also link to stuff you own by using  [song] [amp] [zaw]  which will open a list of those things and letting you pick one. Not sure if they have that for kitguns or K-drives yet or moa.

For some reason you are NOT allowed to link to the main blueprint of something.  For example [Rhino prime blueprint] People usually just say [Rhino Prime] BP.

Linking stuff is a huge energy saver if your looking to trade.   If you link something then someone else just has to click on your link to see if they have any in their inventory.  ALOT easier than opening your inventory by hand and doing a search.


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