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The minimalist warframe


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This topic is placed here, as a means of feedback through this concept:

Post the core set of gear needed by any player to comfortably farm the star chart, sorties, and “endgame” missions. 

For me it’s loki, nidus, limbo, ash, trin or harrow and related augs. Lenz, a sniper, one dagger, orthos, pyranna, zenistar, pox, ignis wraith, corinth or plasmor. Helios, carrier, one kavat. Itzal. (grattler or imperator vandal but archwing meh). With frame or weapons the mod set is well known, even without rivens. one amp, assorted arcanes .

Essentially all the missions we do are the ones introduced on Earth with no particular flavor or variation in them, outside of a partcularly painfully thin set of quests... with no strong replay on that content.

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