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Titania Feedback


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The Tribute and Lantern changes were steps in the right direction but Titania still has some more problems that are holding her back. 

1. Spellbind: Spellbind is one of the best and worst CC abilities in the game. Its so good because it not only totally immobilizes the enemies but it also disarms them. Its one of the worst abilities because it makes it extremely hard to kill higher level enemies because of the lack of tethering. If you are on a wide open map without a ceiling you can literally launch enemies into the stratosphere and even though that is pretty funny, it makes her less effective. 

2. Tribute: The change to get Tribute's max buff from the first enemy was an awesome change, but that doesn't change the fact that Tributes buffs contribute almost a negligible amount of survivablity or utility to Titania. They do contribute to 'decent' survivability when she is in Razorwing but I feel as if they should help her survivability to a noticeable degree when not in Razorwing as well. 

  • Dust: One of the best Tribute buffs but 50% reduced accuracy still doesn't seem to contribute enough. When combined with Razorwing's accuracy reduction and smaller hit box it gives a decent amount of pseudo-damage reduction but she shouldn't need to be in her Razorwing 24/7 to be survivable. 
  • Thorns: This ability really doesn't make sense with Titania's theme of evading/ avoiding damage. Yea it can help tanky allies within range but for her to have an ability that basically doesn't help her at all doesn't seem right to me. 
  • Entangle: Arguably one of/ if not the best Tribute buffs. 25% still doesn't noticeably seem like enough slow to help enough even when coupled with Dust. 
  • Full Moon: Companions typically don't deal enough damage to benefit from a damage buff. Companions are typically used for utility so a utility/ survivability buff would probably fit in this better. 
  • Overall: Either percentages need to be tweaked to give her stronger survivability or different types buffs need to replace her current ones because as it stands, Tribute buffs aren't even really worth spending energy on unless you are in Razorwing constantly. Even then, if you were to turn your HUD off of everything except your health, you really couldn't tell if Tribute buffs were helping you or not. 

3. Lantern: Lantern as a whole is a great ability. It doesn't need any mechanical changes, just QL changes for even better tethering than what was recently implemented (enemies can still be launched into the stratosphere almost just as easy as Spellbound enemies) and to be looked at for bugs because the enemy attraction is inconsistent. They constantly break attention and shoot at you. Some type of synergy with Tribute could be a good idea as well. 

4. Razorwing: Razorwing needs almost Zero mechanical changes, just QL changes to make it up to par with other exalted Warframe abilities. You can't go into operator mode while channeling Razorwing, Sentinels disappear, can't block with Diwata, various mod incompatibilities, etc.  I'm not gonna get too into the innate 10 m vacuum change debate but objectively, it does make her more energy inefficient. Whether it is to a noticeable degree depends on your play-style and what difficulty of content you are playing. But we can all agree that the main reason her energy efficiency is of high debate is because she needs to constantly be in her Razorwing to be survivable. Her Dex Pixia does awesome damage, her Razor Flies CC enemies better realistically than Spellbind because you can actually kill the enemies and not send them to space and its better than Lantern currently because its aggro pull seems to be bugged, and the enemy accuracy debuff while in Razorwing combined with Tribute seems to be in an OK spot for enemies up to level 60-70. 

Just some of my observations and opinions, if you disagree let me know and we can talk about it. 

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Am 28.12.2018 um 21:09 schrieb (PS4)ZERO_ghost90:

The only thing that i hate about titania is her 3, why not just spawn an actual lantern?! that would be instant improvement, reaching perfection

+1, if it will also cc enemies reliable then we reach perfection ^^ As a bonus it would be nice if the Lantern could also attract souls from Tribute and collect them for you and maybe a little more Range for the Razorflies (2,5m -> 4-5m)

For Spellbind : make the enemies not floating, but just hovering (like old Zenurik or Vaubans Bastille) and reduce her casttime by half, then you can actually use it before being shot to death. Bonus : make Titania always be affected by it (status immunity) regardless of the actual hitzone.

Tribute defenitely needs a bit more work, reaching full buff with one cast and lower Energy cost are nice, but the buffs itself could be a bit better.

Her Razorwing is nice and good, but could still use some QoL : Interactions, Operator and just give use our pets.

Some ideas I posted for her in the Feedback thread :

As Titania still feels clunky to play, I had two new ideas for her passive to possibly make her a bit smoother.

1) She only functions good in Razorwing, so we just make that her passiv. She will start every mission tiny and with the evasion bonus (50%, this is probably to good). Your 4th Ability will be your Exalted Weapons. This will give her a better defensiv position, but requires probably a lot of work to let her interact normally (consoles, datamasses...) and she would defenitly need a way to resummon her Razorflies except death.

2) Make her Tribute the passiv. Every enemy that dies while under the effect of one of her Abilities will drop its soul, that you then can collect. This would free up the 2nd Ability slot for a new skill (hopefully more Razorflies).

I would like to hear your suggestions on this.

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On 2018-12-28 at 9:09 PM, (PS4)ZERO_ghost90 said:

The only thing that i hate about titania is her 3, why not just spawn an actual lantern?! that would be instant improvement, reaching perfection

Looking at the fairy and nature theme, it could create a tree with a hanging hive.

It would be great!

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vor 14 Stunden schrieb Fallen_Echo:

Looking at the fairy and nature theme, it could create a tree with a hanging hive.

Would be nice and fitting, but visually maybe to much. Just a little light orb would be enough and as it is surrounded by Razorflies seems fiitng enough for me.

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