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Personal decoration capacity cost issue


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Background before i adress the issue (skip if not intrested i guess) in my clan dojo i had an idea to make a orb vails (and possibly POE) animal zoo using floofs as the animals so i create habbitats for animals pobbers virminks bolarolas and even stovers but at one time when i was finishing the stover cave i came across a notification.

The problem : "you dont have enough remaining capacity to place this decoration" after i went out of suprize that i did not expect (because i never ran into that before) i checked and i noticed that floofs of any animal take up 20 space each (compare to any structula decoration taking 1) and as of typing this the current number of floofs takes up 660 space after some math i went to conclusion that the habbitats for the said floofs take up only 473 sapce (that including the transporter) wich on its own is very annoying ill allso add that the room i build it in is the inspirational hall (wich has 1.4K capacity) 
only thing im asking for is to make floofs (and other personal decorations of that matter) take up less space i see no point in them taking up that much space

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