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Helminth virus discourages me from using new frames


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I'm sure I can't be alone in this. I spend weeks farming, days building and then excitedly customize the frame to suit my vision only to have some ugly pink cyst totally ruin my color palate. It honestly makes me just want to not use the frame for an entire week and by then I usually have forgotten about their neat gimmicks I spent a day with and end up using Loki or Chroma ad nauseam. 

Does anyone else wish there was a quicker way to rid yourselves of this ugly debuff that doesn't affect gameplay? I'd love to actually get back in the cycle of building and playing new frames rather than building them, mastering them and then shelving them indefinitely because I don't want to play with a ruined outfit. I don't pay out tons of platinum for deluxe skins and color palates just so some ugly pink dot can completely ruin the look I was going for.

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